CHAD's Work in the Jawadhi Hills A Foundation Priority in 2016

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Healing the whole person for more than 100 years Learn More About Our History of Healing

CMC is Building the Most Advanced Trauma Center in India A Foundation Priority in 2016

The Mary Taber Schell Memorial Hospital, 1902 The First Photograph We've Seen!

Based in New York, the Vellore CMC Foundation is the American face of India’s renowned non-profit Christian Medical College and CMC Hospital. We work as partners to leverage our collective intelligence, creativity and spirit to care for all – every day.

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We work to raise awareness of CMC throughout the U.S.; to preserve and share the story of our founder, Dr. Ida S. Scudder; to foster mutually beneficial partnerships; and to drive transformational investments that fuel growth and healing.

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The Foundation builds relationships that have far-reaching impact on people’s lives. Our partners recognize CMC’s historic role in making groundbreaking discoveries through research and education.

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Stewardship & Impact

At the Vellore CMC Foundation we cherish all of our supporters. We want to assure you that we use the valuable resources you provide in the most cost-effective ways possible. We also ensure that all restricted gifts are spent on the donor's requested cause at CMC. Unrestricted gifts are used to support CMC with the approval of the CMC Director or his designee.

We are dedicated to the doctors, nurses and allied health specialists at CMC -- giving them support for research and advanced education that leads to bold new ideas that impact lives .

CMC cares for over



every day

Last year, CMC provided

$25 million

in free and subsidized care

to low income patients

Since 1980, the Foundation

has sent over


to support CMC

CMC’s Rehabilitation Institute and College of Nursing

have been

WHO Collaborating Centres

since 2003